Cabin Crew Layover in Amsterdam

Welcome aboard, fellow flight attendants, to the vibrant and picturesque city of Amsterdam! Your 24-hour layover in this captivating Dutch capital promises a delightful mix of history, art, and culinary adventures. So, fasten your seatbelts and get ready to embark on a whirlwind tour of Amsterdam’s top attractions and hidden gems. We are sure that your cabin crew layover in Amsterdam will be a memorable one! Let´s go!

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Local currency

Euro. Check the link over here to see what is the current exchange rate.

Getting Around

Before you start exploring, let’s make sure you know how to navigate the city with ease.

  • Amsterdam Tram: For convenient city travel, make use of the extensive tram network. You can find tickets and information on the official Amsterdam tram website.
  • Taxis and Uber: While taxis are available, they can be relatively expensive. Opt for the convenience of Uber, which operates in Amsterdam.

Safety First

In case of any emergencies during your layover, remember these important numbers:

  • Police: Dial 112
  • Ambulance: Dial 112
  • General Emergencies: Dial 112

Now that we’ve covered the essentials, let’s dive into the must-visit attractions in Amsterdam.

Explore Amsterdam’s Rich History and Art Scene

  1. Anne Frank House: Begin your journey with a visit to the Anne Frank House, a poignant historical site that provides a sobering glimpse into Anne Frank’s life during World War II.
  2. Rijksmuseum: Immerse yourself in Dutch art and history at the Rijksmuseum, home to iconic Dutch artworks, including Rembrandt’s “The Night Watch.”
  3. Van Gogh Museum: Celebrate the art of Vincent van Gogh at the Van Gogh Museum, where you’ll encounter his masterpieces up close.

Cruise the Picturesque Canals

Don’t miss the chance to explore Amsterdam’s famous canals with a canal cruise. You can book your tickets here.

Capture Instagram-Worthy Moments

  1. Dam Square: Strike a pose at the iconic central square. Your followers will envy your Amsterdam adventure.
  2. Keukenhof Gardens (Seasonal): When in season, the vibrant Keukenhof Gardens offer a picturesque backdrop with their breathtaking flower displays.
  3. Zaanse Schans: Explore traditional Dutch houses and windmills at Zaanse Schans.

Savor Dutch Delicacies

Every Cabin Crew Layover in Amsterdam wouldn’t be complete without trying some local dishes and beverages:

  • Bitterballen: Relish the savory Dutch meatballs at a local eatery.
  • Poffertjes: Treat your taste buds to mini Dutch pancakes.
  • Haring: Be daring and try raw herring fish, a local delicacy.

Quench Your Thirst with Local Brews

Amsterdam is renowned for its beers, so indulge in some local brews:

  • Heineken: Visit the Heineken Experience for a taste of this world-famous beer.
  • Amstel: Enjoy a pint of Amstel at a cozy pub.
  • Grolsch: Discover the refreshing taste of Grolsch during your layover.

Relax Amidst Nature

  1. Vondelpark: Unwind and soak up the local atmosphere in Amsterdam’s most famous park. Take a leisurely stroll, have a picnic, or simply enjoy the greenery.
  2. Sarphatipark: For a more tranquil experience, visit the serene Sarphatipark.
  3. Oosterpark: Experience the diversity of Amsterdam in the vibrant Oosterpark.

Retail Therapy

Amsterdam offers a variety of shopping experiences:

  • Nine Streets (De Negen Straatjes): Explore quaint streets with boutique shops.
  • Kalverstraat: Shop ’til you drop on Amsterdam’s busiest shopping street.
  • Albert Cuyp Market: Dive into the bustling atmosphere of the Albert Cuyp Market.

Visit Local Markets

Don’t forget to explore Amsterdam’s vibrant markets:

  • Noordermarkt: Known for organic products.
  • Flower Market (Bloemenmarkt): Famous for tulips and flowers.

Cabin Crew Layover in Amsterdam – Bonus

What will make your layover in Amsterdam memorable

Amsterdam is a city known for its diverse and exciting attractions. During your cabin crew layover in Amsterdam, if you’re up for some unconventional experiences, consider adding these to your layover itinerary:

Open Boat Tours

To see Amsterdam from a different perspective, embark on an open boat tour along its picturesque canals. The gentle sway of the boat, the charming canal houses, and the tranquil waters create an enchanting atmosphere. You can book your open boat tour here.

Sexmuseum Amsterdam Venustempel

For a quirky and eye-opening experience, pay a visit to the Sexmuseum Amsterdam Venustempel. Located in the heart of the city, this museum offers an intriguing exploration of human sexuality through art, history, and culture. It’s a fascinating, albeit cheeky, and really interesting way to learn about a fundamental aspect of human life.

Red Light District Exploration

No trip to Amsterdam is complete without a stroll through the famous Red Light District. Experience the unique ambiance, learn about the history and culture of the district, and see the iconic red-lit windows.

To make the most of your visit to the Red Light District, consider booking a guided tour. You can find a variety of options and book your tour here.

Amsterdam’s Nightlife

After a day of exploration, it’s time to let loose and enjoy Amsterdam’s vibrant nightlife scene. Here are three top clubs to consider for a memorable night out:

  1. Paradiso: This legendary music venue has hosted some of the biggest names in the music industry. Check out their event schedule here.
  2. Melkweg: Known for its diverse range of music events, from indie to electronic, Melkweg is a hot spot for night owls. See what’s on at Melkweg here.
  3. De School: Located in a former school building, this club is a favorite among locals and tourists alike. Check out their upcoming events here.

As you wind down your layover adventure in Amsterdam, you’ll be filled with memories of art, culture, delicious Dutch cuisine, and much much more. So make the most of your 24 hours in this enchanting city, and don’t forget to share your amazing experiences with the Flight Attendants Nation Team!

Bon voyage, and enjoy your layover in Amsterdam!

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