Karen, The Flight Attendant who called the police on a pilot! Prank gone wrong!

Two pilots in the flight deck, looking at an ipad that is recording the legs of a woman seated on the toilet.

Hey there, fellow aviation enthusiasts and travelers! Today, We’ve got an absolutely crazy story to share with you! Picture this: a playful pilot, a rookie flight attendant, and a prank that had everyone in stitches! I present to you the unforgettable story of Pilot Kelsey that you won’t soon forget! Here is the story about a flight attendant who called the Police on a Pilot! Prank gone wrong!

It all started on a routine flight, just like any other. You know how it goes – passengers boarding, flight attendants getting everything ready, and the pilots preparing for takeoff. But what happened on this flight was far from ordinary. Listen to this!

As most of you may know, there’s a rule in the aviation world that when a pilot needs to step out of the flight deck, a flight attendant must be present there. Safety first, right? Well, on this particular day, pilot Kelsey had a brilliant idea, something he had been itching to try out. And who doesn’t love a good prank, especially when it involves the flight deck and a rookie flight attendant (Jasmine)?

As the cabin crew was busy with their in-flight service tasks, Kelsey decided to hang out behind the flight deck door, keeping an eye on the crew galley. Of course, like all pilots, he was looking for a sugary boost of energy (translation: he was trying to “steal” some sweets from our service cart). There is always a snack basket that we flight attendants keep somewhere in the galley, and Kelsey was on a mission to snag some tasty treats without interrupting the crew’s work. Can’t blame him; those snacks are sometimes hard to find, and really yummy, unhealthy yes, but really yummy! ????

While making small talk with the new flight attendant, Jasmine, he discovered that she had just started her journey in the aviation industry. She started to fly just one month prior! Excited to pull off a prank and keep up the aviation tradition of pranking the juniors, Kelsey decided to include his co-pilot in his devilish plan.

Now, here comes the hilarious part. Kelsey used his iPhone’s wide-angle feature (like a GoPro!) to discreetly record the inside of the lavatory close to the flight deck. Don’t worry, it wasn’t anything inappropriate – he filmed himself by taping the phone inside the lavatory on one of the walls and hitting the record button, pretending to use the bathroom and going about his business.

Fast forward to the next leg of the flight, Kelsey and the co-pilot spent the boring part of the flight organizing the prank in minimal detail. And they couldn’t wait to see their prank taking place and Jasmine’s reaction! While discussing the mischievous plan, they navigated the plane safely and continued their flight duties. After landing and having some time on the ground, Kelsey retrieved the recording and transferred it to an iPad they had onboard.

Now, the pilots invited Jasmine on the flight deck, and for her that was her first time in there. Once she entered the cockpit, Kelsey pretended to need a bathroom break again. As he left, Jasmine saw the iPad, displaying the bathroom recording and he watched Kelsey on the screen using the lavatory. Her face must have been priceless! She asked for an explanation from the co-pilot. The co-pilot, in a dismissive way, replied:

“Oh, recently passengers started to do weird stuff in the lavatories! It´s better that we keep a camera there just to check…for safety, you know”.

Jasmine couldn’t believe what she had seen and heard and rushed to tell the story to Karen. Karen was the senior flight attendant on the flight (never mess with Karen!) Meanwhile, Kelsey came back in the cockpit and, with his co-pilot, they were having the time of their lives, trying hard to contain their laughter, while the co-pilot tried to describe the face of Jasmine at the discovery that the lavatory was being monitored by the pilots all time from a camera in the lavatory and an Ipad!

But little did they know, Jasmine was determined to get to the bottom of this mystery. She approached Karen, still bewildered, and insisted that they needed to go to the lavatory to find the hidden camera! Of course, they couldn’t find anything in there because, well, there was no hidden camera to begin with! So they decided to lock the toilet until landing and finish with their service.

Meanwhile, in the cockpit, the two guys were thinking about how to deliver the last blow. The airplane started to descend, landed, and approached the gate when Kelsey noticed two police officers waiting at the ramp. He thought they were waiting for some passengers who misbehaved on the flight. But the situation was unusual because he didn´t receive any communication from the flight attendants or the tower. And guess what, the two police officers were waiting just for him! Uh-oh, this wasn’t part of the plan!

Karen, the senior flight attendant, called the police on her pilot!

Kelsey immediately presented the footage to the officers, explaining the prank, but they weren’t entirely amused by the all situation. Neither was the HR department nor the Chief Pilot. But you know who found the all story amusing: the Flight Attendants Nation Team! And the rest of the cabin crew flying worldwide! Kelsey became a legend here and in the aviation community! The pilot with the guts to pull off one of the most outrageous pranks in the sky!

So, there you have it—the story of pilot Kelsey, Jasmine, Karen, and the in-flight “camera” prank! If you want to hear the story from the man himself, here is the link to his YouTube video:

From that moment, Karen became the flight attendant who called the police a pilot!

As for Jasmine, well, she took it all in good humor. In fact, she appreciated the lightheartedness of the prank, even if it was at her expense. Besides, it was an unforgettable way to be welcomed into the aviation family! And she knew she had some great colleagues to rely on.

And to pilot Kelsey, wherever you are now – the skies are a little brighter, thanks to your unforgettable in-flight antics. May your sense of humor continue to soar, and may you keep inspiring the next generation of aviation crew!

As for all of you reading this, remember this! The sky is not the limit when it comes to laughter and camaraderie – it’s only the beginning of your adventures!

Have you ever witnessed an episode like this one? Do you know about an other flight attendant that, for whatever reason, called the police on the flight crew? If yes, please let us know! We are curious people here!

Bon voyage and safe travels, fellow aviation enthusiasts! Until next time, keep your spirits high and your pranks higher!

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