Communication is key in our industry, and our Flight Attendant Translator offers a solution to language barriers. Explore this resource to access translations of essential phrases and vocabulary in multiple languages. From seamless in-flight communication to crucial safety instructions, our curated collection has you covered. Dive into our user-friendly PDFs and even practice pronunciation with Google Translator links.

Flight Attendant

When we started to create the category Cabin Crew Languages, I asked myself how do you write HELLO in the 30 most spoken languages in the world? Here is the answer:

Hello, 你好, Hola, नमस्ते, مرحبا, Olá, হ্যালো, Привет, こんにちは, ਸਤ ਸ੍ਰੀ ਅਕਾਲ, Hallo, Halo, హలో, Xin chào, 안녕하세요, سلام, Ciao, สวัสดี, ಹಲೋ, مرہبا, مرحبا, Բարև, नमस्कार, Γειά σας, Hei, שלום, გამარჯობა, Olá, مرحبا, Sawubona!

No wonder why we’ve all experienced communication problems on board! But fear not, we have the perfect solution to assist you during these challenging moments: The Flight Attendant Translator!

The Flight Attendant Translator category offers you the ultimate compromise between effective multilingual communication and concise resources. Here, you’ll discover a powerful language tool specially curated for flight attendants by flight attendants, offering translations of vital vocabulary and phrases used during flights, in various languages.

Say goodbye to language barriers and the frustration of searching for words, as our meticulously crafted collection ensures quick access to essential phrases, streamlining your communication with non-English-speaking passengers.

Explore our diverse range of languages, each with a downloadable PDF divided into two parts.

The first part focuses on essential words, commands, and questions for seamless communication during the boarding phase and the service phase.

In the second part, we’ve prioritized safety, providing phrases and instructions for emergency situations. While we hope you never need it, being ready can be a lifesaver.

Both PDF sections are user-friendly, with zoom-in features for quick reference.

But that’s not all! For each language present in the Flight Attendant Translator, we have created a special section where each word is linked to Google Translator. Practice pronunciation beforehand or download recordings for offline access.

Experience seamless interactions, save valuable time, elevate the passenger experience to new heights, and have fun with your newly acquired language skills!

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