How flight attendants deal with bad apples!

Alright, buckle up, folks! Let me tell you this hilarious story my buddy ( a senior flight steward from the UK) shared about this junior cabin crew member on a flight from London to Dubai. It all started when a passenger got all worked up about an apple, of all things, getting really mad that the apple that the crew served her was rotten to the core. Ouch! One of them! This is how the flight attendants deal with a bad apples!

So there’s this junior crew member going through the service when this lady starts causing drama. She’s waving the apple like it’s evidence in a murder trial, yelling that it’s a “bad apple” she can’t eat. The poor crew member tries explaining there are no more apples on the menu, but the lady ain’t having any of it. She started to get red in the face and raise her voice saying things like: “Are you not ashamed to offer me something like this? I thought that your airline was the best airline in the world and you are serving s**t like this?” and so on.

Enter the senior flight attendant, with a smirk on his face. He’s seen it all before and knows just how to handle this crazy apple drama. He approaches the junior flight attendant and the passenger and goes, “What’s the deal, ma’am? Can I help?”

And you won’t believe what happens next. The lady points at the apple, dead serious, and declares, “This apple is rotten! I demand another one!” There were no more apples in the all airplane.

Now, the senior flight attendant’s got a twinkle in his eye, and he plays along. He grabs the apple, holds it up like he’s about to lecture it, and says in a mock serious tone, “Bad apple, BAD Apple, BAAD APPLE!” It’s like he’s scolding a naughty kid or something. The whole cabin is trying not to burst into laughter.

But guess what? The lady starts cracking up too! She realizes how silly she’s been, and the tension just evaporates. She quietly sits down, not uttering another word about that darn apple for the rest of the flight. Mission accomplished, Mr. Senior Flight Attendant!

From then on, it’s all smooth sailing. Laughter fills the cabin, and everyone’s got a grin from ear to ear. Turns out, this “bad apple” incident was the highlight of the flight, giving everyone an excellent story to share after they land. This is how flight attendants deal with bad apples!

I think that answer was genius, but I think I would have said: “Do you know what´s worst than finding worm in your apple? Finding half worm in your apple!” Ok, too many apple jokes for today!

So, folks, remember this next time you think something’s going wrong – sometimes, it’s just a “bad apple” moment. Keep the humor alive, and who knows? You might just turn a tough situation into a barrel of laughs! Happy flying! ????✈️

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