The kid from hell!!!

Welcome, Flight Attendants Nation, to an extraordinary story that combines chaos, unexpected twists, and a kid from hell. In this blog post, with the help of Matt, a senior flight attendant for a UAE aviation company, we delve into the captivating tale of “The Kid from Hell.” An apparently lovely little traveler that, during the flight, turned into a monster with three heads! No wait, I should not use that word, heads! But I don´t want to spoil Matt´s story so I’ll let Matt take the lead! Let´s go!

Matt´s Story

“I was the senior flight attendant on an 11-hour night flight from Dubai to Seoul, managing the business class cabin, when fate decided to throw me a curveball. As the cabin supervisor, it was my responsibility to ensure a smooth and peaceful journey for all passengers. Little did I know, this particular flight had other plans in store for me.

Among the passengers in business class, there was a couple with two children. Their daughter was remarkably well-behaved, very polite and quiet, dressed like a princess. But their energetic son was causing quite a stir. He was running around the cabin, talking with every other passenger, and keeping them all fully awake. And what is the favorite activity of awake passengers? You guessed it right, call bells! So the cabin looked like a Christmas tree, and I had to do something to stop this ball of energy and make him relax and be quiet for a while.

Picture him: One meter tall, the captain hat on, crazy curly hair, running and screaming through the cabin. 

The definition of HELL for me! 


Desperate for a solution, I decided to direct the boy to the galley area, where my colleague Jasmine, the lounge operator, was stationed. She had a soft spot for children and she seemed to possess an endless supply of energy to keep up with them. To my surprise, they hit it off immediately. The two began playing together, and my colleague even took the initiative to make the boy swing. However, as time passed, she grew tired and had to stop. That’s when things took an unexpected turn. The boy, still full of energy, resumed his running and noisy act. In a desperate attempt to calm the situation, my colleague made a regrettable remark. She told the boy: “If you stay here with us and be quiet, Matt will make you swing!”

I shot her a deathly glare, knowing that I had no other choice but to oblige. Now, I am a big guy (1,85m, 95 kg) with no social skills when it comes to kids. With a heavy heart, I reluctantly lift the kid from hell and start to swing. As I lifted the boy in the air, I miscalculated the force and unintentionally through him too high. The inevitable happened—he bumped his head on the emergency exit sign on the sealing and I heard a dull sound! He lands on my arms and locks his eyes in mine, and after one second his face turns red and tears began to drop and really loud cries of pain raise in the fairly quiet cabin. 


So not only I woke up every passenger in business class, but I also had the kid in tears! Great job Matt!

Just at that moment, the boy’s mother entered into the galley and witnessed the entire incident. She was furious! She grabbed the kid from my hands, visibly shaking with anger. And now, she joined in the screaming, waking up the last two customers who were still in dreamland, reminding me that she had explicitly instructed the crew to be careful when interacting with her child!

Needless to say, I braced myself for the worst, and unfortunately, the worst did happen. The Purser was informed, a report was written, and a two-page complaint form was filed against me, leading to a “lovely” meeting with my manager in Dubai.

The meeting with the manager…

The day after, I met with the manager to explain the unfortunate series of events. However, much to my surprise, the manager handled the situation with unexpected calmness and understanding.

I said: “Well, I was just trying to calm the kid down because he kept screaming and running through the cabin, keeping everyone awake. So, I wanted to keep him occupied, lifted him, miscalculated his weight, and ended up throwing him into the ceiling!”

The manager looked at me, and I witnessed his face transition from seriousness to a smile, eventually erupting into laughter!

That response brought a momentary sense of relief. But unfortunately, it didn’t last long enough. While the manager understood the situation, disciplinary action still had to be taken against me (that’s what he said).

As a result of the incident, I was suspended from work for a two-week period. During my suspension and evaluation period in Dubai, I had plenty of time on my hands. My girlfriend was also at home, dealing with a minor ankle injury, and we spent every waking hour together. And then, nine months later, our lives took another unexpected turn. My girlfriend and I became parents ourselves, welcoming a beautiful baby into the world. And guess what? My child has just as much, if not more, energy than the kid from hell. Perhaps it was a sign from above, trying to tell me something.

So, while on one side, I faced trouble due to the kid from hell, on the other side, I’m grateful because that incident ultimately led me to become a happy dad!”

Thanks Matt!


A heartfelt thanks to Matt for sharing this experience on behalf of the all Flight Attendant Nation Team! Great story!

If you guys want to share any crazy flight experience in total anonymity with us,  don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know what happened! Happy flying, and see you in the next post! 😉

Flight Attendant Nation Team

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